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G. I. Construction is the single source general contractor for well known companies seeking consistent and uniform construction services at multiple locations throughout the Midwest.  We handle projects of all sizes efficiently and effectively, and enjoy a network of proven subcontractors with whom we have continuing relationships in dozens of cities and communities.  Our highly qualified management team is empowered by the latest technologies to ensure open communication and understanding with our clients throughout a project, no matter where the project is taking place.

At G. I. Construction, we are dedicated to providing services designed to achieve three distinct goals:

  1.  Provide remarkable value.  Delivering high quality construction services within a project’s budget means that the contractor must provide remarkable value. At G. I.  Construction we structure our field services, staff and operations to maximize the impact of everyone involved on a project, including our subcontractors.  We also are early adapters of new technologies for the construction industry, which has further enhanced the impact of our project management and operations.  When this happens, the client’s dollar goes farther and farther while quality control remains high.
  2. Exceed our clients’ goals.  This begins with open communications with the client and a thorough understanding of the goals and objectives of each project.  We go through each project’s plans, identify anticipated problems and develop solutions with the client.  Then we maintain ongoing communications with all parties involved throughout the project to report our overall progress, monitor the client’s feedback and ultimately exceed the client’s satisfaction.
  3.  Maintain an open-mind.  We are an innovative and problem solving company by nature, always open to new ideas, techniques and processes that will exceed our clients’ goals and provide remarkable value.  Therefore we keep an open mind to finding solutions and having the flexibility to implement them on behalf of our clients.